Using Light Blue app to simulate a BLE device

Source: altium

In the late 90s, Intel, Nokia and Ericson was working on different implementations for short-range wireless technology. They gathered to put a stranded tech for everyone.

Meanwhile, an engineer at Intel named Jim Kardach was reading about the vikings and he admired king Harald Bluetooth for unifying all the danish tribes, or all Scandinavia “which he didn’t really”

And so they named the new tech after the viking king.

Part 1: [iOS ] each layer = separate framework

Photo by Author, edited with Cartoona
  • Team lead: Good morning, developer. My favorite developer. I hope that you had a great weekend. Because you have some bugs and a few new features in your favorite project. A favorite project for a favorite developer.
  • Developer: …, you don’t mean project X, do you?
  • Team lead: As a matter of fact I do. Why do you hate project X so much?
  • Developer: Because it is dirty. It was based on primitive architecture, not suited for a massive app like this one. Every new feature makes it worse. And every bug is a nightmare.
  • Team lead: OK, starting from…

Mostafa Mazrouh

Mobile architect — Senior iOS developer since 2010.

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