How A Slight Change In Mindset Accelerated My Learning Forever
Tristan de Montebello

I remember when I was young, I was taking classes in kong fu, one day the coach has came and said “i’ll show you a trick, he made a fast movement by rolling up a long wooden stick by his foot and throwing it up and catching it by his hand, he said this how professionals get stick from the ground, and then he ordered us to pick up our sticks too, all my colleagues have leanded down picking it with their hands, at the same moment i thought that he wants us to do as what he did, so spontaneously i rolled the stick up with my feet and i was barely going to catch it while flying but it dropped down, and all laughed including my coach, he said that i’m still beginner i don’t have to do it now, but i remember one thing after that i was the first one of my colleages to make it successfully, and after while i was the most professional among all of my colleages at this movement… by the way, I’m Egyptian and I really liked your story.