A weapon that dramatically increases sales. What’s that?

Do you consider David Ogilvy million-dollar enough to hear what the secret weapon is from him?

“Direct response is my first love and later it became my secret weapon” said David Ogilvy, the advertising legend.

He was the biggest proponent of direct response advertising for a long time although he had done hundreds of general advertising. Why is that?

For one thing in direct response you know the value you’ll achieve with your ads. If your prospects respond, you know you have achieved something.

For another, in direct response your message is tailored to the right audience, will be less intrusive, and will have the most effect.

And most importantly, it is cost effective and focused on selling.

Today, direct response advertising mostly happens in the form of promotional emails.

And what could be achieved with them is beyond any other marketing channel:

Email is the most effective marketing channel with 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent.

If you want to join the million-dollar marketers, you need to take direct response email marketing seriously.

How to do it? Start with building your email list like a pro. Here’s how:


Mostafa Dastras

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