Avoid the Analyst

Many people say to convince someone with something, you should use numbers. While I agree numbers is a great proof, they are not the easiest way to convince people.

Numbers get people stuck in the analyst frame. Where everybody is calculating and recalculating them to support his/her point of view. And when things get more complex, the brain tend to shut and reject the ideas presented, not because the ideas are bad, but because it can not digest the numbers.

This is called the analyst frame, where everybody analyzing and stuck into their analysis. It is different from analysis paralysis when you have different options and can not decide which way to go.

Aristotle said to win an argument you have to use one of three things:

  • Ethos: Character and charisma.
  • Pathos: Emotions.
  • Logos: Logic.

And while humans are irrational beings, I still believe it is always easier to get someone to agree on something by your influence on her, or by triggering emotion parts of the brain.

It doesn't always work, I know. And what’s more problematic is when you become capable of convincing most people with your point of view, at this point you might be wrong and hit a wall. Until then keep trying, and avoid the analyst.