Egypt: killing kids and publishing their dead bodies footage is ok.. if you are the police!

Mostafa El Sayed
Jan 14, 2017 · 4 min read

Yesterday at night the official page of the Egyptian ministry of interior has published a new video for its last operation in Sinai. the video shows 10 dead bodies the official statement said it’s terrorists dead bodies who have been killed during the operation. The operation video has a lot of blood and many dead bodies I’ll put it here if someone wants to see it.

the video from the MOI official page on facebook

“When the police attacked the terrorist resistance the terrorists opened fire on the police trying to escape. hence the source of the fire was treated which caused the death of the whole group (10 people)” the MOI stated. 10 people between the age of 17 and 27.

many activists on social media have reported that the victims’/terrorists’ families saying that most of them have been a victim of the enforced disappearance which the Egyptian police is practicing on a large scale since the military coup. So if that was true and I believe it is then this video is just a cover for killing these 10 people in jail. As you may notice the video doesn’t show what happened. it’s just the dead bodies.

Also when you see the 10 citizen photos that their families have published you will notice that, they are just an ordinary people. one of them is called Mansor Soliman. his family reported to ArbiExPress website that he was arrested from his home and the family were surprised that he is accused of terrorism. His photo is interesting because it shows that he is a smoker. he is addicted to cigarettes that he can’t stop smoking even while he is holding his child. It’s not a rocket science to figure out that terrorist doesn’t smoke cigarettes and consider it forbidden. it’s like a principle that you can’t argue in ISIL territories.

Mansor Soliman (one of the victims)

Another story is Belal Elnaggar(19 years old). one of his neighbor has published his photo and stated that he was arrested since October 2016.

Belal El Naggar (17 years) another victim

The dead bodies as a political tool:

It’s not the first time for the police to published dead bodies photos or videos.The same accident with the same details took place many times before. If you remember Giulio Regeni The young Italian student who has been kidnapped and tortured to death in cairo and the only reasonable accused was the Egyptian police. In an attempt to Contain the possible diplomatic crisis between Egypt and the EU, Egyptian police have published a very similar footage for five citizens dead bodies and stated they are a criminal gang which used to kidnap foreigners in Cairo. And to put more proof they have published footage for Regeni’s personal belongings and claimed it was with the gang when they were killed. The Italian investigators weren’t convinced at all, as it made no sense, especially most of those five people who the police had killed had an alibi at the time that Regeni was kidnapped. Since August 2016 when the five victims were killed nobody took responsibility for their death. just like all the other physical liquidation operations that the Egyptian police made the last few months.

the dead bodies footage serves many political aims for the current regime. that’s why they don’t care about any ethical issues while they publish it. First, it’s a clear message for the opposition and the young revolutionary activists. we have no limits. we can kill and publish your dead bodies footage and nobody can question us. Second, it’s a message for the citizens who don’t accept the regime economic and political failure. Egypt is in a dangerous situation fighting terrorism and we have to ally with the dictator because he is the only one who can defeat it. Third, it’s a message for the regime supporters saying that The regime is ok and the current economic crisis doesn’t touch its unlimited power. Finally, it’s a message for everyone in the country. this country is ruled by fear and we can create it.

Sinai: the Egyptian North Korea

Yet the Egyptian media has no idea what’s going on in Sinai the place where the incident took place. This January the military has decided new rules to enter Sinai and being a journalist isn’t one of the reasons to enter Sinai. even if you went there the place is full of check points that will prevent you from meeting with people and make your story. ISIL produce videos about their operation against the army on Sinai. the Army and police are producing their side of the story. and some citizens write stuff on social media. none of the information sources in Sinai is really credible. To sum that up Sinai has become another North Korea. we know stuff about what’s going on there. but we can’t be sure about anything.

Mostafa El Sayed

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Egyptian journalist @SasaPostMedia. I write here to improve my English so don’t be a grammar nazi