Oculus VR Absolute Immersion III

Wake up Tom! Its getting late.

Leave me alone Clarisse, I’m in the middle of an interesting scene.

Not this again. If you are in there for too long, you’ll forget who you are. Remember what happened to my uncle Henry? He hasn’t come out the dream machine in months.

Oh, so what. He is probably having a great time inside. And its not a dream machine, its an Oculus VR AI3.

He might be, but he is not living it, at best he is a side character in an elaborate play somebody else is directing.

Its definitely better than what he could have imagined on his own. He has been wasting away in that beat-up house for decades on social security. Not that I’m doing better. Can you leave me be just for one day? This is the only satisfaction I get. Am I supposed to be excited about drilling holes into someone else’s rotten teeth for six straight hours?

Alright, its your funeral. I’ll be back in a few hours. Will you even remember me when I get back?

Of course I will. An hour in the real world amounts to only a few months in the VR. You remember people you’ve met a few years back right? So, yea, I’ll obviously remember you.

You’ll not remember me like I remember you, you’ll be able to vaguely recall who I am. Don’t you see the difference Tom? Its like I’m waking up to a stranger everyday.

Don’t be so dramatic. Half the city is playing the same game I do. Do you think all their husbands and wives are making as big a deal as you are making right now?

I don’t know. Maybe. It just doesn’t feel right. What if I just left home today and never came back? Would you look for me? Or am I just someone you meet once in a few years in your version of life?

If you feel that way, why don’t you join in me in the VR every night? You know that it is a multi player game right? I do miss you, you know? Think of it as taking a vacation every night for a few years.

Its not my life Tom. My life is out here. Waking up to the home we’ve been living in for over 10 years. Our friends Helen and Marcus whose kids our kids play baseball with, our dog Satchmo who I walk everyday, my job as a teacher and all the kids that rely on me. That’s my life. I don’t want to live in someone else’s world most of the time and get back to my life once every few years. You understand, don’t you?

It is just as beautiful inside as it is outside. You know what I did yesterday? I was in Antartica, sliding off a hill with a couple of penguins. And the day before, I was in fricking Mars waging a war against invasionary forces from Venus. And what do I get to do when I’m unplugged from the Oculus VR ? Look at goddamn rotten teeth and gum all day. Is that what you want me to do? Clarisse… Clarisse… are you still there? well, I’ll see you when you get back I guess. I’m flying across the mediterranean in a glider, don’t wanna be distracted or I’ll have to start all over again from the gladiator scene.