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The HoloBuilder team members in the US, Germany, Chile and more countries around the globe are used to meet virtually and to build together remotely, but one thing is new: We’re all dialing in from home now!

The HoloBuilder team is committed to our employees, customers, partners, and their families to get through these challenging times together

Dear HoloBuilder customers, partners, and friends,
because I value your time, here are the most important updates from HoloBuilder at a glance:

HoloBuilder Team in Spain

2019 was an outstanding year. It was the third year since HoloBuilder, Inc. was founded and if I was supposed to characterize it with one word, it would very likely be “growth”. The group of trusting investors has grown with E.ON, NRW.BANK & Foundamental, which was one of the things that allowed us to double the size of our team to over 50 passionate HoloBuilders located all around the globe. Most importantly, the impact our technology is creating is multiplying as the number of great companies that trust and use our technology has also doubled to more than 2,000. …

A year in review by HoloBuilder CEO & Founder, Mo Akbari.

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2018 was a “building together” year for all of us at HoloBuilder. We’ve seen impressive team growth, and have welcomed incredible new customers to HoloBuilder. This allowed us to build truly amazing things together with you, our valued customers, partners, and friends. I want to take the holiday season as an opportunity to look back on the year and recap in this article what we have achieved at HoloBuilder with your support. Also, we are looking forward to reaching even greater new heights in 2019 together!

Building a world-class team for growth.

Growth manifests itself in different ways and is often measured in numbers. However, we at HoloBuilder believe growth is also a mindset, which often requires a little bit of extra dedication. That’s how the team has built a product that is used by over 1,000 construction companies globally. …

A message from the CEO.

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2016 was an exciting and rewarding journey for all of us at HoloBuilder. During the festive days, my team and I found the time to reflect on the year as well as our achievements, and there are some things I am especially proud of. I would like to share them with you in this short post and provide you with a small sneak peak on what 2017 will have in check for you.

Shifted focus: we want to make a difference in the construction industry

Being a technology driven company with great computer vision expertise, HoloBuilder set out in 2014 to build a solution for everyone to create their Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality content. This year we took the bold decision to narrow our focus and teamed up with many construction professionals to mold HoloBuilder around the needs of foremen, superintendents, owners, project managers and other industry stakeholders. As a result, HoloBuilder has seen a lot of changes over the year: from a general platform that served a large variety of purposes, HoloBuilder is now tailored to the use on construction projects. Features like Sheets (aka Floor Plans) significantly improved orientation on a digital construction site, and HoloBuilder can now handle Autodesk® Revit®, Navisworks®, and other 3D/CAD imports. …


Mo Akbari-Hochberg

Founder & CEO Holobuilder Inc. Becoming a construction geek. AI & AR enthusiast. At home in San Francisco, CA and Aachen, Germany. Been addicted to Ice Cream.

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