Less access is more security

Information is power, but with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t inherit Spiderman’s curse by claiming all your company’s data. If it comes to security, less is more. After all; what cannot be reached, cannot be leaked nor hacked!

From my Security in 60 Seconds series at iWelcome

Sure, it’s convenient to be able to login everywhere, and to be able to enter every resource on the network. Plus, it feels nice, doesn’t it? But if your computer gets hacked one day, for example through a virus, then all that access can expose all secrets that were entrusted to you.

Better to use the principle of least privilege. That means that if some information is not essential for somebody to do their job, then you shouldn’t share it. Regardless of that person’s reputation. So, principle beats position!

Finally — personalize permissions, if you can. So, if that one unlucky colleague could only read a bunch of information, rather than accidentally delete the data the day before your deadline, you can rest assured your hard work remains secure.



Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at bunq bank

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