Prioritize your pitstops

Today’s business world is moving fast, so you should too. And in order to win the race, your equipment needs to be the latest & greatest. Prioritize your pitstops so you won’t end up in the gutter!

From my Security in 60 Seconds series at iWelcome

Today’s software is complex, and that means vulnerable. Your laptop, mobile phone and browser specifically need their software updates to fight off the hackers.

Beyonce was on to something when she advised to, if you like it, you shoulda put a patch on it. And why not? Software updates are abound and free. I know, it can feel annoying at times, but trust me, your pitstops will be swift and definitely worth it. If they offer one, don’t delay, just do it.

My final tip: go to the cloud if you can. If you start working online, maintaining your applications won’t be yours to worry about, so patches are a thing of the past. So, install less and browse more!



Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at bunq bank

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