Train your security hygiene habits

Rens van Dongen
Feb 17 · 2 min read

Who is responsible for security at work? The security officer, or IT? Of course not. Everyone owns security within their own team. Just as you lock your door at home, security is part of your everyday routine.

Security is not a task

This may sound like extra work, while in fact, it isn’t. Would you put washing your hands as a chore on your daily to-do list? Of course not, because it’s effortless. You do it without thinking!

Habits are effortless

Locking your computer, re-checking that weird email, run software updates and just using the software which has been approved for your work, are all great examples of security hygiene. If you deliberately do these things, only for a short while, you will find it becomes a habit. And habits are great because it frees up our minds to be creative for our work that matters most!

Strengthen your habits

Finally, some tips to speed up and strengthen those new habits. By standardizing, automating and documenting your workflows, you’ll make your work more secure and easier at the same time. So, start flexing those security hygiene muscles today!

Rens van Dongen

Written by

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at iWelcome

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