What You Need To Stay On Top In Your Career

The market for new jobs is so competitive that it seems one needs protocol or connections to land a good job these days. However this is not entirely true. Protocols or connection might land you an interview and in rare cases the job, but then is it enough to keep you in the job?

Companies like Niger Insurance Plc, union Assurance Plc and the likes recently offloaded a lot of their workforce. Some might argue that its due to financial factors such as the company not being able to pay its workers or because of overloaded workforce. My question remains, why should you be part of the third wheel that was cast out? And the answer is fairly straightforward. You are dispensable, surplus to requirement and redundant. Harsh as these adjectives may seem, its the plain truth.

What then must one do to stay in a job after securing it? The answer? Be indispensable. How? Attain extra skills to make you indispensable in whatever organization you are.

And here I’m not just saying be the best project manager there is or the best sales person there is. But diversify and acquire skills in lots of categories. I’m saying this because, yes you may be the best project manager in the entire world, then someone will invent a software to do your job and you are out. Yeah, as simple as that.

Be that person the company always carries along because you can fill any void and do the job excellently. Its a way to earn promotion if you don’t know.

Contrary to whatever one might believe in, the fact remains that “What you need to have a breakthrough is in the library”. Libraries worldwide are consuming spaces and harbor tons of information, yet no one seems to be using them. With the development of technologies, these resources are made available to everyone, anywhere around the world. OERs, MOOCs boasts thousands of information and skills to be learnt. From handyman’s job of plumbing to Office based Business Intelligence to Industry Software engineers to basic skills such as public speaking. There are tons of information to be accessed and most of them are for free to or at unbelievable low prices. Learning a new skill has been made very easy with the introduction of online and mobile learning.

Below are some recommended job openings and a link to where you can get the skills required to excel at the job:

Project Manager at Petroplan (Lagos)

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