Prestige has always existed in the world and having some assets comes with such value. The precious metal, gold has been around for centuries and people have always treasured it across the globe.

Gold is the most sought after due to it’s value across the globe. Although realistically saying, most people cannot afford to acquire it since they do not have the capacity or the financial strength to buy even a gram of gold. Usually, the rich are able to acquire this precious metal at greater opportunity compared to the larger population. Before one can acquire gold on the market, it comes with a number of bureaucratic issues that cannot easily be overlooked. The ordinary person is increasingly becoming disadvantaged to possess some part to themselves since they don’t have the influence and cash to buy it. This has made gold easily available to only the rich in the society.

Since blockchain was introduced, a number of solutions have been developed to combat the challenges confronting humanity. Blockchain technology, through an open record or platform is making the world better with several innovative ideas. Blockchain can easily be used as a tool to digitize gold, which will encourage the usage of gold as a standard asset, this offers the required liquidity, which will empower the less privileged in society to also acquire gold without much difficulties. This is made easy through the transparent nature of this unique technology and will also provide a great opportunity for people to deal in gold with a modern touch backed by a great project known as Digital Gold.

Through the unique token called GOLD token, people can digitally acquire gold. Each Gold token represents one gram of Gold. The guarantee of the token is backed by real gold. This makes Digital Gold, a very stable asset which is worth having and can easily be used as a Stablecoin on a regular basis. The Digital Gold is the gold token has been stable for a long period of time considering the assurance that a guarantee of one gram of 99.99% fine gold that is put away in the organization’s vaults, which can be used on the platform in a matter of seconds to buy gold through Gold token. The Gold token was designed using the Ethereum network and it is compatible with any wallet that support the ERC20 tokens. Hence GOLD tokens can easily be stored on the likes of myetherwallet, Metamask, imtoken etc

Gold tokens can easily be purchased at the marketplace; https://gold.storage/en/market on the official website. To increase its liquidity and exchange, Gold token has been listed on a number of exchanges like CRYPTEX with GOLD/USD pair, LIVECOIN with GOLD/BTC and GOLD/ETH pairs, COINSBIT with GOLD/USD pair, CATEX with GOLD/BTC pair and on BITFOREX with GOLD/BTC, GOLD/USDT and GOLD/ETH pairs.

From the aforementioned and more, Digital Gold is a unique blockchain based project that deserves all the attention and considerations.

Find out more by visiting the links below;
Website : https://gold.storage

Whitepaper : https://gold.storage/wp.pdf

BTT ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5161544

Telegram : https://t.me/digitalgoldcoin

Twitter : https://twitter.com/gold_erc20

Medium: https://medium.com/@digitalgoldcoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/golderc20

Bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2522304



Am interested in anything fun in life. Let's follow each and succeed

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Mota Stjohns

Am interested in anything fun in life. Let's follow each and succeed