Bloop, Lemonsweet & Blackwater Park

A draft of another lucid dream i had

Everyone is in, mom, dad, sisters, my sister’s little kids, i was jumping around hugging everyone in that very tiny crowded room,and a sudden dejavu hit me but a little bit modified, room replaced with a hospital room and the beeps of electronic stuff were covering up the murmur of my family. dad isn't there one guy i knew back home with his friends and their blurred out faces was, “I’m glad you flew all the way here to see me” said i to my friend, with a face full of pity he said: “I didn't fly, i was here all along, that’s some good stuff you’re high on though brother” “cookie?” added in a neutral tone handing out a square shaped ruby like glowing red raisin cookie with a smirk. i ran like a kid on Christmas morning jolting towards the tree, outside, checking out car plates and streets trying to figure out which country i am in, it was all blurry i had to remove my foggy swimming goggles, although i got distracted with lovely colored floaters fluttering wherever i move my eye, one looked like lumpy space princess. I went back inside the house or, hospital, still trying to make sense of all the shit i am beholding, everyone disappeared, my friend and his weird looking friends were running upstairs trying to avoid tiny areas while they’re at it, the fact that the staircase was crumbling so fast didn't seem amusing since the whole thing was made out of Lego, it crumbled faster than my brain could comprehend, it felt like an updated version of Microsoft windows defragmenter, this is when i gave up and went back down.

Frozen in place were three harlequins in their spooky colorful attire, face paint and colored balls stuck motionless mid air, one of them whispered: “We live next door”. the house was shrinking down, there was one last thing i had to do before i ran out, with a five year old excitement, i approached the clowns slowly, stretched out my hand, touched one of them on his fake made up third eye with my index and said “Bloop”, Nothing happened.

One other friend appeared with the presence of others i saw as shadows, her veil was made of silk and it was partially wet, her lipstick was way too prominent,blood red, she was as pale as Christina Hendricks, Amanda Seyfried and Scarlett Johansson combined, she talked about how tired she is from a flight and her friends agreed, while i was studying my surroundings again making sure this is legit. Dressed in tight sleazy black, another long lost friend passed by, she was talking on the phone, her hair all curly and black as it’s always been, a hunched old man with white hair and a very abused cigarette seemed to be her company. She pulled out a phone and said, “Hey dude, we need to speak to my lawyer about the premises st…” voice started fading as she walked into the distance, i’m typing too fast because everything is starting to fade now, shit, i screamed in the loudest voice possible and the vibrations i caused turned the street into ruins. A lady in a satin black victorian dress was swinging at the end of the tiny pathway ahead, velveteen flocked ivy patterns, puff sleeves and black loop lace trim made her dress a masterpiece. She seemed to be looking at the ground while her dress was swayed by the wind back and forth in a spiralling kind of manner, it was inconsistent, the way it went back and forth, it looked like a glitch, my friend cut in crushing the scene “i heard this lady has no face, or maybe her face is of bones, she’s been like that for a long time and the wind is moving her like a puppet, wew” for me it made a little bit of sense (not the wew bit) because her feet weren’t touching the ground, i couldn’t see them anyway since the very long dress hid them, then all of a sudden, the album art of the famous Opeth record Blackwater Park flashed into my head for 0.2 seconds like the imagery Brad Pitt used to flash into the movies he played in Fight Club, as we approached the lady my body started shaking, i wanted this to pass really quick, as freaky as it is, i heard her say in a very high pitched voice: “Oh little lemonsweet, Oh son, so precious, have you enjoyed sitting in your chair?” for a brief moment, i thought it wasn’t her, the voice, was of someone i recognised, couldn’t figure out at the time. At the end of the pathway i saw my current colleagues, inside a geeky looking type of shop with loads of books and action figures, i recall seeing real people who stood on books and their heads were big and of famous characters, one was Yoda, and one was Velma, there was a round table full of books, miniatures and tiny action figures, it got crowded, by even more colleagues, they stumbled upon a pirate treasure board game, one of them was British and the other had Indian blood and Australian attitude, they fought over the characters, the British kept pointing one tiny action figure on the map with stark aggression. My feet were aching, i was running around this goddamn dream with my flip-flops, Now everyone disappeared and it’s heavily raining, streets were a hybrid of forest and homes, this time, the first house i knew, the one i grew up in, my family moved out of that place when i was eight, the streets were overflowing and very narrow, it smelled like proper legit rain, it was way too dark i had to pop up settings, increase viewing area and remove fog. I could see a car closing in from afar, headlights were square like, i knew it was a very old car because these are outdated, now it’s passing by, it was yellow, i didn’t see who’s driving but it was my mom, again, i followed her and when i got there, it’s the place i met everyone at the beginning, now there is only two doors, i didn’t know which is the door to my house but i knew one of them was the three clowns’ next door. Far in the distance someone growled in the most fulfilling rich voice i have ever heard “It is the year of death, wielding its instruments, stealth, sovereign reaper, touching us with ease” it was Mike Akerfeldt of Opeth, I immediately recognized the song, there were no instruments only his voice , very subtle and and disturbing at the same time.

I’m fully awake now and everything is gone but, the wake was very sudden that i still could remember few last details. Ibacktracked my whole day in detail, most of the stuff i saw were mentioned briefly during my waking hours. the characters, the stars of this dream passed by before i went to bed, a flick on Instagram or an old chat message i went through while i was cleaning my phone. I remember seeing a photo of Mike Akerfeldt on Pinterest during lunch time , i also got a photo of me as a kid on top of our old yellow 1973 Renault from my mom two days ago. It’s shockingly awesome how my brain tied all of that shit together and built a dream around it. I forgot almost everything now, i jumped out of bed the moment i woke up to write all this down, I've always wanted to document one of those dreams but never had the chance for it becomes blurry and fades away minutes after i wake up, not to mention i always lose my glasses in my so tiny room but, there i am, 80% of what i saw is here, i wonder if the other 20% was as retarded, i know all this stuff was recorded by my other self in a parallel universe and sent as noobish prank, what a dick.

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