He is obviously a sick fuck, and it doesn’t bear joking about, especially if you live in that…
Sandy Perlmutter

Oh hey, Sandy, I understand you’re very upset as we all are, its savage and makes any sane human feel sick. Fortunately; I am aware of the global acceptable joking limits thanks to our politicians. Regarding “Specially if you are from the neighborhood” that makes no sense, we are all human and I wouldn’t be biased towards a geographical area when it comes to tragedies, thats a bit ironic since I live near explosions and killings every now and then and I’ve seen worse, way worse than a woman being assaulted. I don’t want yo make assumptions here but I think you rarely hear of a dozen thousand kids and women being starved and prisoned in a country that is already devastated by its dictator, Or about people who are being slaughtered for fun on borders because they are Christian, others dismantled on tape and having their parts sent to their moms. I do not think you would like to hear about that and even if you would, no one is talking about it, not a single headline in a cheap news paper, we’ve reached a point where everything should be joked about. The amount of sick fucks where I live is beyond your comprehension, not because you’re not as intelligent, but because everyone cares about what happens around them only, Its rooted in our psychology, Americans for instant think the world is only USA, and Medium is a living proof, its infested with their shit although its a global platform. Relax and accept the funny chaos.

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