I’m a PC… Mac… PC

Farewell Mac Pro

Yesterday my shiny new computer arrived. Well technically it isn’t quite new as I got it from ebay… ‘like new’ I think is how it’s described. Anyway, I have had my eye on one for many months now, and missed it in the christmas sales when there was about £200 off.

The Surface Pro 4 Core M3.

I’m a Mac

A couple of years ago, I decided to make the switch from a big clunky windows laptop onto a macbook pro. It was great. A world apart from my old days of lugging around an underpowered monster onto a sleek beautiful powerful slab of aluminum. That was also not quite new, but a refurb from ebay that time. Again it was as good as new.

There were several things about it that were just amazing.

  • The touchpad
  • The screen
  • The speed

These all kept me very happy for a long time, despite some of the not so amazing things:

  • Finder and navigating the file system (however, with lots of tweaking it can be less bad)
  • iTunes — how is it still a thing?!
  • app store — my iPhone 3gs loaded it’s app store around 5x faster

It has struck me several times, as an iPhone owner as well, that Apple is amazing at producing hardware and operating systems that tie together, but when it comes to pieces of software, they’re bizarrely terrible. Clunky user interfaces, slow performace, strange design choices, means that I, like many people, have an iPhone full of Google apps, and a mac full of Windows products. (Yes there are some great apps that I occasionally use from apple, such as Garage band, but generally speaking, they’re terrible).

The end is nigh

Over the last few months, my macs’ battery has gone from bad to unusable. To the point where it would shut down at 100% charge. No problem — time for a new battery. Well after several trips to the Mac store, and 3rd parties, it seems that it is unfixable. Whilst the battery life has improved, and I can get an hour or so out of it, the screen will intermittently switch off for hours at a time.

My mac has become ill tempered in it’s old age. It no longer wants to listen to what I want from it. It gives me the silent treatment. Like a relationship that has gone on too long.

Time for a new mac then? Well no. I have to agree with so many of the reviewers, that the price of the new mac is a joke. Little interest in the touch bar, and then what new exciting things await for my enormous outlay of money? Like my Mac, it seems that Apple no longer wants to listen to its users. And what this user wants, is to be delighted. Exactly what Apple once did so well. But no more.

I’m a PC

I’ve not yet had much time to play around with my Pro 4. I’ll be using it mainly to do some programming out and about. I’m concerned about its’ lack of speed, and smaller size, so it’s also something of an experiment.

However, the form factor of it, the portability, the touch screen and the pen… everything so far has made me delighted.