Cool Ruler Joe Issa Keeps Busy Building Brands

The name Cool Ruler is normally associated with legendary Reggae superstar Gregory Issac; but unknown to most people, while he was churning hit after hit, Joe Issa was building one Cool brand after another, earning him the title Cool Ruler.

With the utmost humility and transparency, Joe Issa created a company in 1994 and called it Cool Corp, under which a string of Cool branded companies would emerge and trade.

The first Cool brand was born that very year when Issa opened a petrol station in St. Ann’s Bay named Cool Oasis. The company grew strategically over the years and gained much visibility.

Today, the Cool Oasis brand of gas stations serve motorists island-wide; it is the most colourful, esthetically maintained and service oriented of all petrol retail outlets in Jamaica.

Cool Oasis gas station in St. Ann’s Bay

The flagship Cool Oasis gas station in St. Ann’s Bay remains the model stop-rest point for travelers, with all the conveniences, including shopping and weekend entertainment, all this while they fill up.

Cool Automotive Distributors

Established in November 2001, Cool Automotive Distributors delivers motor oil and lubricants to gas stations, auto stores, companies… Learn More >

But the brands didn’t start rolling out until the turn of the new millennium when, in 2001 Cool Automotive Distributors was formed to deliver motor oil and lubricants to gas stations, auto stores, companies with fleet vehicles and trucking companies.

Today, it is one of the leading retailers of automobile-related lubricants and accessories in Jamaica, and also sells basic household products such as toilet paper and soap.

Cool Card

Cool Card is the only Complete Calling Card Center in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. We offer phone cards… Learn More >

The following year, Issa founded Cool Card to distribute telephone cards in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago, offering phone cards from Jamaica’s three cellular phone providers — Digicel, Cable & Wireless and MiPhone — and both cellular providers in Trinidad and Tobago — Digicel and bMobile.

Cool Biz

Were you aware? Have you ever seen those terminals at the gas station or Pharmacy where you buy… Learn More >

Issa was at it again in 2003 with the establishment of Cool Biz, and introduced ‘EZ Card’- an electronic top-up of telephone credit operated by over 3,000 individuals.

Cool Petroleum

In 2005, the Shell Corporation decided to divest its interests in the Caribbean, so Cool swooped in and… Learn More >

In 2005, Issa started Cool Petroleum, which became the licensed user of Shell brands in Jamaica. The company distributed Shell bulk fuels, Shell chemicals and Shell lubricants, and operated an extensive network of more than 50 Shell service stations at the time.

In April 2006, Issa formed Cool Cash Loans to lend to micro businesses. Since then, many other product brands have emerged, including clothing, beachwear, motor oil, tours, signs, high-speed Internet service, chemicals, casinos, radio, air conditioning units, and US Dollar ATM.