Cool Signs Takes Clients by the Hand and Changes How They View Signage

It is not without good reason that marketing savvy executives go to lengths to communicate their messages in the most effective way, especially when in print.

The executives understand what’s at stake, and that they only have one shot to get it right, as once the sign is published, either the damaged is done or the reward secured with increased business.

So what they do, like those who are not so savvy, is to leave it to the professionals at Cool Signs for guidance and suggestions, and to take them by the hand at every stage.

Cool Signs

Cool Signs makes sure your message finds its mark. We’re a progressive full-service sign/advertising company located in the… Learn More >

“The low quality of your signage can eclipse any good message,” says Joe Issa, founder of Cool Signs, a subsidiary of Cool Group of over 50 branded companies of which he is also chairman.

Joseph Issa Founder of Cool Group of Companies

Issa adds, “The sign must be as good as the message it carries; it’s what people see first and read after. If you can get them to notice the sign, chances are they will look long enough to read it.”

Looks and style may not reside in every artiste, but never-the-less it is what that makes a sign attractive and worth a second look and read; and that’s where Cool Signs comes in, to make sure that the message finds its mark.

A progressive full-service sign/advertising company located in the heart of Ocho Rios in St. Ann, “Cool Signs has a team of talented artists and graphic designers who use the latest, state-of-the-art imaging programs and printing machines to make your sign stand out from the rest,” the company website boasts.

Its unique walk-through system, it says, “puts clients face-to-face with a member of the production team, who helps them choose what’s right for them. We’re with them every step of the way — from onsite assessment to planning, development, creation and installation.”

Cool Signs has grown steadily over the years on the back of customer satisfaction and needs. Today, the company works with wood, aluminum, Plexiglas or sintra (laminate) to give the customers their desired signs.

The Issa-led signage firm also “helps create billboards, banners, light boxes, flyers, ID cards, nametags, decals, business cards, easels, transparency stickers, and much, much more,” its web page informs.

“Cool Signs can even turn your car or commercial vehicle into a rolling billboard using removable magnetic signs or a complete vehicle wrap,” it says.

Offering highly competitive rates and guaranteeing island wide delivery, Cool Signs as acquired an extensive client base who already knows, “we finish each job to perfection quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and money,” says Issa.