YOU MUST BLOG! The pressure ensues!

“Gasp! You don’t blog?” No, I do not! Why should I? With the risk of sounding well, my age, does everything I feel, believe in or dislike need to be on the internet?

The answer is yes! The mounting pressure has led me to this new journey. A little bit of self reflection, mixed in with a tad of craftiness. Then maybe I can leap into this next year with a piece of bewilderment, one can hope! After all, it was a rough year last year. It was as if I was keeping my soul above water kind of year. But at last not all went unscathed.

I managed to create a dream. It may be small but it’s mine. I opened an ETSY shop!

I have tinkered with this shop for a couple of years dabbing as a hobby not expecting much. You never want to go full in, the fear of being let down was not something I was ready for. I decided last year it was time to jump in full time! I was official! Ordering my own business cards, branding my name, creating fabric labels for my product and style package wrapping for the end product. I read and searched every Etsy beginners blogs as best I could. I was pumped with enthusiasm. I was creating something that I loved. Yet doing something you love and selling are two different things. I quickly threw it all out there, you know the usual Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram postings. Selling was great but what I didn’t expect to find was new found friendships from around the country. If creating my shop just brought that then it was well worth the extended effort I put in. My journeys this past year has led me here, a place to self reflect and as my friends say Blog to the people with your business journey.

So what do I create… Newborn Burp Cloths!


Creating soft love able and affordable burp cloths for my friends grew from a simple “I love you” to an “I love you more” Gifting cloths to my favorite newborns warmed my heart. It was leaving a piece of me with them as they grew their first year. I long to send many mommy memories for you and your miracle during those everyday moments. Sewing creates pieces into one for me. Creating these pieces for you has allowed me to grow my heart around the world. 
These soft, absorbent burp cloths are chic and stylish. Great for your new born, baby shower gifts and chic moms wanting to clean up in style. The cloths are made from soft chenille, flannel.. I hope you came to browse but plan on staying as a friend.

The cloths come from a smoke free home. All the materials used in making the burp cloths (cotton, flannel,and chenille) have been pre-washed.

I would love to personalize your cloths for you. Just let me know what you would like and I would be happy to help!

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Officially today I can say “follow along with my BLOG!”

I fell to the pressure, but I have found at times its good to learn new avenues of life. My growth only multiplies by listening to the close company of friends as well as the people who have traveled the road before you. My keyboard as my mode I will embark on this road well traveled with patience and an open mind.

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