Everything I Know by Buckminster Fuller

An attempt to better understand the lessons of Buckminster Fuller, by translating into Plain English.

Session 1 - Part 1

We are all born naked, helpless, and ignorant. That’s where humanity has always started. We have had to find our own way, by trial and error, driven by instinctive urges.

Humans have been on our planet for millions of years with very little physiological change. In India and China, as far back as 5,000 years ago, we were thinking extraordinarily well about our experience and the principles of our universe. Astonishing, in view of the limited amount of information humanity had at that time.

Now, because we have systems to record information, we can see the rapid rate at which it is increasing. We can’t keep track of the rate at which we are discovering more. Like a child, formed in the womb for nine months, being born into an entire new world — we are coming out of a common womb of ignorance, transitioning into a new relationship with the universe. Not, as a divided humanity spread across the planet, but as a whole.

We are living as people of the world. Things thought impossible become reality within a generation. Things once dismissed as nonsense, become typical. None of it was planned. There was nobody in previous generations prophesying about the impossibles that are happening today. Not one of these steps was anticipated by any of the preceding. But, no sooner than it has happened, the human says “I knew it all the time. I’m not one of those who are suprised… I was a little bit responsible.”

There is a strange vanity inherent in humans. Essential to being born naked and helpless, and having to make the fantastic number of mistakes in order to learn. Without which, we would have become disgruntled, and dismayed by our mistakes, and not been able to carry on. And so we were given this strange vanity so we are able to decieve ourselves. Like saying “getting to the moon, anybody can do that. It’s simple and logical.” Now it’s obvious, but only because it happened in your lifetime, and you can see how it happened.