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Jul 8, 2017 · 4 min read

Maxine Kerley | Digital Bon Bons

This weeks interview is with the lovely and incredibly talented Maxine Kerley, founder of Digital Bon Bons. Maxine was one of my first ‘insta friends’ when I started my business and I was thrilled when she agreed to chat to me for this feature.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family
I’m Maxine, I’m 33 and I live in Kent with my husband, daughter Ava (3) and our cat Betsie. I seriously worry I’m losing my mind a little bit because I always have to calculate how old I am — I’m calling it selective remembering. I love holidays, books and I’ve always been a huge film fanatic, ever since I was little so if anyone ever wants to chat films with me, please contact me. My favourite place to visit is an aquarium, I’ll even visit one abroad if they have one.

What is your business — what do you do and what made you decide to set up?
I run Digital Bon Bons, which focuses on helping businesses with parents and children as their target audience navigate digital marketing. It can be such a whirlwind and often hard to get to grips with so I provide support through website design and build to consultancy services like social media audits, email marketing and digital marketing strategy planning. I’d wanted to have my own business for a long time but it never felt like the right time and I think at earlier stages of my life there were confidence issues there too. But last year I just had a lightbulb moment, I had discovered my niche and put the wheels in motion. I launched on 31st Dec 2016. I think the key for me in having my own business and the reason I set it up is because I want to work for myself, I want to work with clients who I feel strongly about and passionate about. I want to use my skillset to help.

How do you balance running your business with taking care of yourself and your family?
I often ask myself “Am I balancing it?” It a lot of juggling that’s for sure. I wear a multitude of hats and thank goodness, I have a good hat wearing shaped head — phew! I have to be strict with myself and that’s something I am learning every day. I give myself a work schedule for the evenings and I stick to which is very important. I love what I do so it never feels like “work” but you have to be strong and know when to stop and switch off. I want to be there for my family so I make sure that they are always given my attention. Sometimes at the moment due to circumstances adjustments have to be made and sometimes that can mean sacrificing family time, but my husband is very supportive, he knows my long-term goals and that this is what needs to happen so early on in the business. I couldn’t do this without his support.

What are your top tips for maintaining a healthy #MumLifeBalance?
I will sound like a hypocrite now because I am all about the digital but…. Digital down time. If you’re a business owner chances are your phone is your lifeline for late night social media planning or responding to emails on the go so it is really important that you set some time away from the screens. I was on holiday recently and had a whole two weeks without my phone and it was bliss.

Make time for you, outside of your business and your family. It’s so important to have something that is just for you and only you, whether that’s a class once a week or a little shopping trip once a month. Get that time for you. It helps you stay focused and feel refreshed for all the areas of your areas.

If you had an extra hour every week what would you do?
Probably use it to plan all the things I never get chance to plan, which would also mean organising the million notebooks I have around the house with all my various scribbles, thoughts, ideas in.

If you could pick any other mum, celebrity or otherwise, to have a drink with, who would it be and why?
I am going to pick a celebrity one and it’s Drew Barrymore. Not only have I always been a fan of hers but she is so delightfully down to earth and a fantastic business women while raising her two kids. She knows the value of family, your own identity and being fulfilled in what makes you happy. I read her book Wildflower last year and it was wonderful. There was this one chapter she was talking about her kids and being at work and she reminisced about an old Simpson’s episode with Homer in his downbeat job and why he did it every day and it was for Maggie, it was all for his youngest daughter Maggie and that’s why she does what she does and that’s why I do what I do — for me, for my family, for her — Ava.

If you don’t already follow Maxine on social media you definitely should, her Instagram feed is not only beautiful, it’s full of great tips and positivity — you’ll finish scrolling with a smile on your face for sure 😊


Website: www.digitalbonbons.com
Email: hello@digitalbonbons.com

Mothers Mind

Written by

I have a #mindlikeamother…busy! Join me on my mission to achieve the elusive #mumlifebalance through everyday #mindfulness, #metime and #selfcare

Mothers Mind

Written by

I have a #mindlikeamother…busy! Join me on my mission to achieve the elusive #mumlifebalance through everyday #mindfulness, #metime and #selfcare

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