Tap Water Or Filtered Water: Which One To Use?

One of the most asked questions on every water purification company forums is the difference between tap water and filtered water. Is getting a water filter really essential? Isn’t tap water purified enough for daily use? To answer all these questions, we have jotted down a detailed description of tap water and filtered water and their difference. You can now choose which water you want for your daily usage.

  1. Filtered Water

After buying a new office space, your next purchase is a cold water dispenser for office. Though you have an unlimited access to tap water, you still search out for ‘a water cooler near me’ on Google to beat the scorching summer heat.

The tap water is forced through more filtration processes and what we get as a result is filtered water. Some water filters, like the one in our office space, have special temperature controls to give us hot or cold water, according to our preference.

2. Source of filtered water

Filtered water is the bottled water that has been ozonated and de-chlorinated to make it suitable for the human body. Sometimes, water filters are bought to obtain water for consumption, especially when the tap water records a high TDS. The ultimate source of filtered water is the tap water, itself.

3. Tap Water

Tap water is the running water that comes to our house through the indoor plumbing fixtures. We use it for various purposes depending on the TDS level of the tap water. Now, every household has tap water fixtures. But tap water was only available to very few populations until the second half of the 19th century. Soon after, the concept was embraced by the developed nations and slowly grew its popularity with time.

4. What is the source of tap water?

Some houses use the water from taps for drinking. Is it safe? Have you ever wondered where does your tap water come from? In most developed countries, water is first derived from a river and then passed through various layers of filtration before sending them to the houses and offices for consumption. This makes the water safe for drinking and various other household purposes.

5. Tap Water Vs Filtered Water: Which one should we use?

We are here talking about consumption, drinking and cooking, only. The tap water is completely suitable for other household uses. In some parts of the country, tap water is suitable for drinking purposes as well. But areas that have a high iron or any other mineral deposition need to depend on filtered water mostly. Before you decide if you need a filter or not, call an expert to inspect your tap water.

6. What are some other types of drinking water?

There are plenty of other drinking water options. Let us explore some of them. Spring water is a very natural drinking water source, used in mostly hilly regions. It is often said that a natural spring water has the best taste of all drinking waters. Another pure form of water is the boiled water, free of all kinds of germs and impurities. But this water also lacks few minerals that add taste to our drinking water.

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