Fundamentals of UX

It is simple really. UX is the gateway to which human emotion and physical or digital objects converge. What I mean by this is that things that perform functions in our everyday lives directly influence (whether good or bad) our emotional state. That is an interesting thought; the way an airport or a banking app is designed will bring about an emotional reaction, it is up to the UX designer to make sure it’s the best reaction possible. This is why I am so interested in UX design. The ability to shape and momentous responsibility that UX designers have cannot be understated; moulding how people interact with things.

Now while UX design may at first seem like a creative undertaking, it is more a combination of scientific methodology to unearth problems, and critically thinking about creative solutions to solve those problems. I have always been interested in science and have taken college level science classes; juxtapose that against my career as a musician, editor, and amature graphic designer and this is suddenly starting to seem like the perfect career for me.

I know it isn’t going to be easy, I know I’ll get frustrated, but I also know there will be a lot of exploration and discovery, and between you and me, I cannot not wait.

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