In the project the objective was to gain a better understanding of responsive web and information architecture. My team was assigned the American Museum of Natural history and the task was to find opportunities to improve the information architecture for the online gift store as well as consider how to make the site a more responsive web page.

My Role

In small design teams the UX designer must assume many roles, this time was no different. Over the span of the two-week project I was the UX researcher, user tester, UI designer, interaction designer, and account manager. In my…

Project Overview

This project was a new feature integration for an app by the question and answer platform Quora. The brief was Quora is looking for an opportunity to introduce a video function for its expert user base as a paid subscription. I was excited about this project because I was not familiar with the Quora app and so I had no preconceived notions about what Quora is or isn’t

My role

I was entrusted with usability testing and visual design. Were we a three person team and so there was a lot of overlapping of roles, as well as…

My role

In the first full project assigned to me as a UXDI immersive student I was tasked identifying a potential problem in the music category, conducting research, constructing a possible solution, and testing a digital product prototype that would ultimately solve the problem. All of this within the first week of the programs commencement. Now because this was a small scale project I had to play many roles, namely; user experience designer and, user interface designer, usability tester. These are all roles that were new to me but I was excited none the less to delve deeper into the…

Fundamentals of UX

It is simple really. UX is the gateway to which human emotion and physical or digital objects converge. What I mean by this is that things that perform functions in our everyday lives directly influence (whether good or bad) our emotional state. That is an interesting thought; the way an airport or a banking app is designed will bring about an emotional reaction, it is up to the UX designer to make sure it’s the best reaction possible. This is why I am so interested in UX design. …

Mothusi Thusi

Budding UX designer I Musician I

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