Choosing or changing a WordPress Theme

Although most themes now days are slick, mobile friendly, Out of the box professional looking design, etc, it’s still generally a bad idea just to pick a pretty theme with good reviews, especially if it’s intended for a website that already has Google search rankings and organic traffic.


  • Each theme has it’s own custom code which should be vetted and go through some SEO QA tests, full verification of a theme happens only with a live website is running with the theme for few months.
  • Theme version updates, patches and bug fixes (yes ALL themes have bugs)
  • Required 3rd party dependency.
  • Theme + Plugins conflicts: plugin and theme compatibility is a thing to consider while we cannot know what plugins we are going to use in the future.
  • Theme security issues
  • Advanced visual Builder — not every visual builder is flexible and bug free

All these factors may have significant SEO effects, and if your WordPress website/blog is ranking it’s a risk not sure worth taking.