Shattering some WordPress myths

So during the years I heard a lot of myths and false assumptions about WordPress, here are some of the most popular common mistakes and the truth that would set you free.

Myth 1: WordPress is intended for blogs only

It’s is true that in the beginning back in 2003 WordPress was originally built as a blog CMS (content management system) however during the years WordPress has evolved tremendously and now it fits to most kind of websites from blogs to e-commerce, companies etc.

Myth 2: WordPress looks unprofessional

The reason for this myth is probably caused by which offers free templates and does not require any development skills or knowledge like html, css, Javascript or PHP. Basically you can design WordPress website anyway you want to, maybe the best example is WordPress Showcase where you can see some examples of websites that were built with WordPress like the Obama foundation, Walt Disney website and many many more.

Myth 3: WordPress is not secure

Fact 1: WordPress is the most hacked CMS on the internet.

Fact 2: WordPress is the most common CMS on the internet.

So it makes sense that the most common CMS will be the one that gets the most hack attempts.

Other then that when having a basic understanding in hacking (cyber attacks) you immediately see that the attacks are done at the server level and not at the CMS code level, in other words most of the attacks on WordPress websites that succeed has actually nothing to do with the fact it was a WordPress website but it has everything to do with the server/hosting services security, more about Apache server vulnerability.

Myth 4: You are not allowed to build a commercial website with a free WordPress website.

According to GNU general public license and WordPress GPL you can use WordPress for commercial use, and also modify the code unlike non free software like MicroSoft and Apple’s SoftWare that is both paid and non free.

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