Recommended Podcasts for Motion Designers

Marc Zwaneveld
Oct 29, 2015 · 4 min read

As a motion designer and podcast junkie I thought I’d collect the podcasts I think are most useful for motion designers and other creative professionals.

Please let me know if there are podcasts that you feel need to be added to this list!

Motion Design Podcasts

Motion Hatch

Hayley Akins discusses the business side of
animation and motion design.


Conversations with curious animators.

Greyscale Gorilla Podcast

Nick, Chris and Chad discuss news, give advice and talk about the industry.

The Collective

Ash Thorp speaks with leading figures in design, art and animation.

School of Motion Podcast

In-depth interviews with top motion designers.

Pro Video Podcast

Interviews with Motion Designers and VFX artists from a NZ perspective from host Blair Walker.

Masters of Motion

Interviews with big names from the Australian Motion Design scene

Mograph Mentor Podcast

Interviews with motion designers about being effective

Brograph Podcast

Industry news, tips and lots of rambling about the Motion Design world.

Life With Motion

Short interviews with motion designers about life, work and their goals.

Motion Sickness Podcast

Interviews with Motion Designers

Access Granted

The only podcast that focuses on the people behind the screens, how FUIs are created and what the industry looks like.

The Isotope Theory

Interviews with creatives in various industries

SWIM (Strong Women in Motion Design)

Female Motion Designers about their life and work.

Motion and Meaning

Podcast about motion design for apps & sites. Slightly pedantic, but they offer a different perspective coming from UI/UX.

Animation Podcasts

The Pegbar and Grill

Tim McCourt and Sam Taylor talk to some of their favourite filmmakers and animation creators.

The Bancroft Brothers Animation Podcast

Former Disney animators interview traditional animators.

Chris Oatley Podcast

Another former Disney animator interviews artists and animators

iAnimate Podcast

News and interviews with character animators.

VFX Podcasts

FXGuide: FXPodcast

Mike Seymour and team talk about new developments in VFX. There’s also a video version called FXGuide TV.

FXGuide: The VFXshow

Movie VFX are dissected and discussed.

CG Garage

In depth interviews with VFX, 3D and archviz artists. Very well done, not too much vray peddling.

The Allan McKay Podcast

VFX superviser Allan McKay talks about the VFX and post industry.

Going Postal

Quick-paced acerbic show about VFX developments around the world.

That Studio Show

Interviews with movie editors and VFX professionals.

Pixelhub Podcast

Interviews with VFX, 3D, motion design and code professionals, though aimed mostly at novices.

Illustration and Graphic Design Podcasts

The Futur

Chris Do talks about: Branding, Design, Business and User Experience design.

Creative Playdate

About the struggles of combining parenthood with a creative career.

Pencil Kings

Interviews with artists and illustrators about walking the creative path.

Your Dreams my Nightmares

Candid, introspective interviews with (editorial) illustrators.

Design Matters

“An inquiry into the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought.”

Deeply Graphic Designcast

News and opinions about the latest happenings in graphic design.

Make It Then tell Everybody

Indie comic creators talk about their work and struggles as a comic artist.

Paper Wings Podcast

Spin-off of the Chris Oatley Podcast, focussed on graphic novellists.

FZD Design Cinema

Superstar Concept Artist Feng Zhu gives tips about art and career.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about

Cinematography Podcasts

Modern Cinematographer

Matt Workman (Youtube’s Cinematography Database) enthusiastically pries as much info as he can out of guests.

Capturing Light Podcast

Cinematography tips, tools and techniques by other cinematographers from around the world.

The Cinematography Podcast

Interviews with top cinematographers about their career and workflow.


Being Freelance

Fun, fast-paced conversations with freelancers about surviving the freelance life.

The Tim Ferris Show

Productivity guru talks to leaders in various fields about being effective

99u podcast

Talks with leading makers, thinkers, and entrepreneurs about what makes their creative process tick.

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