Land of the free, home of the brave, e pluribus unum, manifest destiny, democracy, the good guys.

All of that.

I thought that America strived to lead by example. The world would become more like us, because we were doing the right things.

Global influence can only be achieved by being part of the global community.

That’s what we want, right? The world to be like us. Because we, as Americans, are the good guys.

That was my vision of America growing up.

Now I believe “America First” is a good policy.

We’re broken, and we shouldn’t effect anyone else.

If this is how we act, we should be isolated until we can figure out our own ailments to prevent them from spreading throughout the world.

“America First” actually sounds like a good idea right now.

I hope that one day we can rejoin the global community and that it has changed for the better through leadership and thoughtful citizens that have picked up the torch that I thought we were carrying.

  • An American Citizen
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