Our Top 5 Translational Scientists

You may not have heard of them before, but the following scientists are amongst the most prodigious inventors in North America.

  1. Axel Scherer / CalTech — 136 Patents
    Axel is named as an inventor on a whopping 136 patents, seven of which were granted in 2016. Axel’s interest is in the design and micro-fabrication of optical, magnetic and fluidic devices. His most recent works dives into quantum computing technology.
  2. Mark Thompson / South Cal — 76 Patents
    Mark has worked with colleagues at the University of Michigan to produce 76 patents, several of which have been assigned to the Universal Display Corporation. Mark’s work centres on organic light emitting diodes.
  3. Carlo Croce / Ohio State — 61 Patents
    Carlo is both Professor and Chair at the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics at Ohio State. Carlo has patented 61 inventions addressing cancer assessment and treatments the most recent of which addresses acute human leukemias.
  4. Bert Vogelstein / John Hopkins — 48 Patents
    Bert is a pioneer in the field of cancer genomics focusing on colon and rectal cancers. He has been awarded five new patents in 2016, and describes his colleagues as tireless collaborators in the effort to pinpoint genetic causes for cancer.
  5. Martin Gleave / University British Columbia — 39 Patents
    We’d be remiss not to mention of one Canada’s top translational scientists and clinicians, Dr. Martin Gleave. Martin specializes in treatments and cures for prostate cancer and leads PCTRiADD, a prostate-cancer focused translational research initiative.

Compare our list to Nature’s List: Top 20 Translational Researchers of 2014.