Want to learn to dance Cuban Salsa?

Motivate Me meets Laura from Havana Salsa

I have always loved dancing so a friend suggested that I learn to salsa. She’s been salsa-ing for the last few years and could fully recommend it. I booked a course of eight Havana Salsa lessons in the nearby town of Nuneaton, Warwickshire and learnt the basic steps along with at least twenty other beginners. Quite amazingly, I managed to retain enough steps to dance some simple routines with quite a few different partners. (I couldn’t entice dear husband to join me!) I’m now doing the improvers’ course. I’m virtually addicted to salsa dancing, I love it that much!

Laura and Rodolfo showing how it’s done

One of my teachers is the lovely and extremely talented Laura Roque, who along with her husband Rodo, set up Havana Salsa in the Midlands 10 years ago. They’ve introduced so many people to the wonderful dance of Cuban Salsa, which is a very relaxed, passionate and expressive style where your personality gets to shine as much as your dance steps.

Here, Laura gives us her take on why so many people want to learn Cuban Salsa.

Why do you think Havana Salsa classes inspire the people you teach?

The passion the teachers have for the music and dance is transmitted across to the students. The teachers love to move, dance and be happy through dance, along with interacting with other like minded people. We encourage and promote healthy, fun, sociable, progressive and structured classes.

Is there a particular group of people that your class appeals to?

Mostly women of all ages, however more men are now realising all the health and social benefits of dancing

Can you describe the structure of one of your classes?

The classes are structured with a warm up of 2 songs: merengue and salsa. Initially for beginners, footwork is firstly concentrated on then we go into partner work.

We always recall last weeks moves and progress forward with a new move each class (along with 2 songs of great music throughout the teaching class)

What would be your top tip for anyone thinking of joining Havana Salsa, but maybe still feeling hesitant?

The salsa communities are usually big extended families: the people are friendly, along with the teachers who are friendly, professional, encouraging and passionate.

Dance changes your life for the better - body, mind and soul.

What inspires you to keep exercising?

To stay healthy and fit for myself and for my family. If I am happy, people around me are happy.

Many thanks to Laura for her inspiring words. If you feel motivated to try out Havana Salsa’s classes, they run in various venues on most days in Leicester, Nuneaton, Coventry, Derbyshire and Birmingham. There are loads of social events too, where you can practise your salsa moves and hang out with your fellow salseros listening to some great Latin vibes!

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