5 Innate abilities an Entrepreneur needs in 2017

No need for a lengthy intro, lets just get straight into it.

1. See the future

Whether you want to be here for the long haul or you just want to build something valuable enough to be sold for a couple million dollars in a year or two, you’re going to most definitely need to be able to see things happen before they happen. Even if you’re just thinking about starting a business, it’s ability to survive long enough to see the break of day is going to rely on where the market is going. Technology is evolving at a very rapid pace, every industry is trying to become Uber-like, people’s attention spans are growing shorter, what we consider currency is adapting to the times, and everyone is looking for the next big thing. I’m guessing you’re one of those people. Or, maybe you’re someone who has a business and you want to expand it. Or, maybe you’re just trying not to go out of business, then look into the future. What do I mean? Pay attention to where things are and are headed.

For instance, people are becoming more and more acclimated to making purchases online. This might not be the best time to think about opening up a brick and mortar unless it’s a gym, but even that may be phased out as in-home equipment becomes more advanced.

Advertising is no longer effective in the TV world, it’s all about social media ads on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. Not only is it under priced and affordable for pretty much everyone, it also gives the most naive entrepreneur the tools to track his or her own campaigns and easily pin point their target market, making each click worth it’s weight it PPC.

Just having a product available for purchase is no longer good enough. There is too much noise online and it is too easy for people to sell stuff on it. Not even musicians can go straight to iTunes, instead they have to give away a bulk of their creation for free and so will you. The people are looking for free content and you have to give it to them in order to buy their loyalty so that they will hopefully buy your stuff. Should it be this way? Wrong question, it just is and is becoming more expected so get over it.

Selling your product one on one, person to person, in my personal eyes is going to be more important as the years go by. Why? Because more and more people are going to be less and less communicative with individuals and more hooked to their phones. This is where you will have a leg up on the competition. Of course, you will continue to stay up with latest technological trends, but as long as you are able to sell people face to face you will forever have a way to directly make money and your competition in this arena will continue to drop off day by day, if they even exist anymore.

2. Do the impossible

Many people receive an inadequate paycheck for doing what is expected of them. Some get promoted for just staying on the job long enough for a position to open up and others get promoted for doing more than what is asked. Few get paid exceptionally well for being the best at what they do. The Entrepreneurs who build the companies for these employees that stand the test of time do what most could never do and that is how you solidify your position in any industry.

There was a time when you couldn’t dream of getting a package you ordered online in less than a week. Amazon took it more than a step further. They GUARANTEE you will get it in two days with hardly any extra cost. Though Jeff Bezos has been doing this and adding many other features to his company for quite some time now, no one has yet to rival their two-day shipping option.

Can you do the impossible? Can you create what’s never been created? Can you build without the needed tools necessary to put a project together? Can you find the money when you’re not qualified to have it? Can you make the deadline when you don’t have the time? Can you do what seemingly can’t be done for a person in your situation? It doesn’t matter if you can or can not, YOU MUST. The market will only judge you by what you do, not by what kept you from doing it. Customers want their product/service and employees want their money and an avenue that will enable their success. If you can’t handle that type of pressure then I would have to say that your days are numbered if you ever get it off the ground to begin with. Anyone can do the impossible, but not everyone has the stomach to stick in there when the chips are down.

The person who can do the impossible will always receive the necessary support and more.

3. Renaissance Man/Woman

The Jack of all trades is the master of their business. There are exceptions to the rule, but life is about the game of averages. The average entrepreneur needs to be multi-skilled and have knowledge on many areas of their business. The set of skills are not alway the same, yet the concept is. Take Lebron James for instance. What makes him such a successful and thriving basketball player who has and is considered the biggest threat on any court in the world? It’s his multiple threatening abilities with a basketball. He can no look pass it, crossover a defender, dunk on your biggest man, shoot from any range and even coach his teammates on the court. He is an unstoppable force and he is a walking, jumping and leaping business that is solidified by his expertise in the many areas of his job.

Steve Jobs started and built two iconic companies. Even after being fired from the first (Apple), he is such a skillful and true Entrepreneur that Steve was able to create another now multi-billion dollar company in an industry that was quite experimental at the time (Pixar). If he was just a computer guy, he would have just looked for another job working with computer, but he was more than that. Jobs was a computer guy, a coder, a leader, a marketer, a salesman, a brander, a creative and a visionary. This means he could not be easily replaced by someone who’s great at computers or even managing a company.

Why is it necessary to be a Renaissance Man or Woman? So you can be a competitor in the market place, respond to industry changes quickly, understand how your business works on multiple levels, become unexpendable, highly respected, known as trust worthy, credible in your field, an effective problem solver, and the ultimate survivor of all market conditions. You have to become your own insurance policy because the market place is changing very rapidly, with no regard to who it crushes. There may be a time when technology stagnates a little bit but this is not that time. People want it all and for most of the new age entrepreneurs, you are the whole business in its entirety.

4. RoboBoss

What is the difference between an android that walks and talks like human versus an actual human being? Besides the concept of a soul, we would say that an android can’t feel. A robot of any sort has no emotions, no conscious and no ability to empathize, and that is its productivity advantage. No computer, no robot, and no A.I. has a program built with features like fear, doubt, happiness, sadness, excitement nor depression. All of its decisions are based on the numbers and the cold hard facts, not clouded by chemical stimulation. So if you want to improve your chances of making the right business choices you better cut out your heart. JK.

You don’t have to be mean and ruthless to run a successful business, but you do need to have some standards as well as a few nonnegotiables. This will save you a lot of pain and agony in the long run when you’re feelings start to compromise your logical thinking.

Why do you need to be a RoboBoss, or one not so easily swayed by your emotions? A) Your business will have many ups and downs regardless of what you do and who you are. B) Customers/employees will be a hassle but everyone will expect you to be a professional. C) Emotions are poor analyzers of data. D) People follow leaders who perceive to be the most level-headed. E) It’s not personal, it’s just business.

Let me reiterate, being a RoboBoss is not a hall pass to being a jerk, its more of a guideline to not be a pushover, a worry-wart, nor a disillusioned optimist. Believe it or not, a lot of the “jerk” entrepreneurs are not making logical decisions. More like fear-based, cockiness, or over compensation. A true RoboBoss is capable of collecting and connecting information about the market, past markets, technology advancements, economic trends, customer issues, employee morale and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business. A RoboBoss is essentially a human computer always looking to upgrade the system.

5. Super Human Speed

This is the momentum builder. Here is where you take your small victories and turn them into gigantic advantages. This is how you overcome adversity before your customers realize you were ever stuck in a bad situation to begin with. This is how you beat your competitors even when they have a higher quality of product or service. This is how you beat retirement. With SPEED.

In sports, the say speed kills. Kills who? Your opponent. This is why the 40-yard dash is so highly regarded by NFL scouts. Having a great highlight reel is awesome, being big is an advantage, and accumulating accolades is definitely a plus, but being the fastest player on the field is something that just can’t be taught and is highly difficult to defeat.

On the stock market, the fastest to trade will win. In technology, the fastest computer will be desired. The company with the fastest shipping will be utilized. The intern who can get the job done the fastest will be hired. The student who signs up for classes the quickest will be served. The social media platform that gets your message out the quickest will dominate the field. The company that makes the sell the fastest will be fed and the slow pokes will go hungry. Speed is the name of the game, and the world is getting faster.

Usain Bolt isn’t just fast, he’s insanely fast. Some would say he’s not of this planet and that’s how the next generation of entrepreneurs are going to have to be if they want to make it down the stretch. One can only execute this ideal in three ways. 1) Harnessing your talents, 2) Taking risks before you have all of the data, and 3) Establishing a self-reliant system. In other words, you’re going to have to maximize what you’re already good at, try things before the market establishes its validity to beat the industry to the punch, and have in place steps that everyone in your organization can follow for a predetermined list of potential problems that will need quick solving. This will not make you the fastest person in your field off the back, but over time as you gain more experience you will become more effective and knowledgable in your everyday tasks and system building, giving the illusion that you have super human speed.

Do you need them all?

Yes, you so desperately do if you want to solidify your existence in the market and thrive in its predatory waters. But if for some reason you can’t do it all, I would suggest you find someone or some people who can. Not only find them and hire them, but also learn from them for individuals exhibiting such high levels of ability typically won’t stay forever and you’ll need to be ready to fill their position. Look into my crystal ball and see the possible future that may be your business. What is it showing you next to come?

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Mel Jones #coachMP


Originally published at motivationalphilosopher.com on February 19, 2017.