Why I Started Going To Church


It would be easy for me to say that I started going to Church because God began to reveal Himself to me through His word and therefore I had to denounce all religion entirely, but that would not be the whole story.

I actually once loved going to church whether it was Saturday or Sunday depending on which church I was attending at the time.

I remember those days quite well, I even remember the smell of the building as it filled my nostrils as I entered each time. I remember the Pastor’s words about salvation and obedience and the continual preaching of the need to give more money to what was called the work of God.

Even though I only knew what I had been told and followed in the same practices as the rest of the laity or congregation and just said amen even if no one understood what was been said, I still felt that as long as I tried to be better like everyone else was trying I someday could become what was being presented as righteous living with God being the leader in my life.

In this form of belief I began to imagine that I even would want to be a minister and tell others of this wonderful message even if I did not fully understand it myself. As I began my search for understanding and to fulfill this desire I began to look at what God actually said in comparison to what I thought He actually said, this began to lead me on a journey that took me in a direction I would never have imagined that would eventually lead me in the opposite direction that I thought I was going, the more I studied the more it became evident that the church I was attending had become a hospital for sinners instead of a household of faith that believed what the builder was constructing instead of what had been taught from the pulpit as being God’s house.

I soon realized that the two different versions of God’s house were opposed to each other instead of being in agreement with each other and though I had once sat in the pew and said amen even to what I may not have understood I now began to realize that if I was going to believe what God has said that I was going to have to start attending church for the first time in my life, in other words, I was beginning to understand what God meant when He talked about His church in comparison to what I had learned to call church by what I had been told by those who claim to be ministers of the truth and I now was understanding that the two where not in alignment with each other and that if I was going to go to church then I would have to have a shift in my thinking and change my address for church attendance.

Now today I know why I attend church and what church is and I know that it is not a structured environment full of a combination of psychology and spirituality so called but is a place of Truth and Freedom built upon what God has said through His word and was spoken clearly as He revealed to anyone who will listen what makes up His kingdom, His house and what it means to attend.

I no longer am searching for answers as I once did when I did not know the Truth or what Church really is and now I understand why so many struggle trying to make sense of what does not make sense day after day, week after week, year after year as they attend church as they have come to understand the meaning as they have been told. I now know why I can no longer accept the teachings of men but can only stand in the Truth as God has revealed it and shutting out all the other voices of men no matter how great they have been made to appear in the mind of the masses. So now I attend the church of God that is not of this world nor of this creation and live there never to depart.