Getting started with the Pushup Challenge

This article won’t make much sense without some history. Fortunately, you can read that here.

This will be a simple step-by-step to get you down and logging some pushups. Congrats for taking on the challenge!

Step 1

You’ll need an Airtable account. In the future there will be an official app with fancy design and all that, but for now, you are joining the MVP-Ultra-BETA version of the challenge. You could do the same thing in excel. But don’t, do it in Airtable — it’s way more fun! Sign up for an account here.

Step 2

Clone a copy of the master “base.” It has a table for logging pushups and a table for defining what your target number is. There is also a table that acts as a reference for pushup variations, it’s not exhaustive and is stolen directly from the Greatist. Feel free to add some more, but as a word of caution, this list will be carried into the “real” app, so as your data is migrated in the future, only references to this list will be respected for the stats. Clone the base here.

Step 3 (for mobile users)

Download the Airtable App. Android and iOS.

Step 4

Start doing pushups!

Here’s some screenshots for helpful reference.

Choose the entries table and then click on the orange button to add a new record.
Fill out the data, be sure to scroll all the way to the end. Latitude and Longitude will be collected at a later time when I get the wrapper app created. You can also take a photo of your “turf” or whatever else you would like to attach to the entry.
Close this box, it just gets in the way. Then click “+ Link to a record in the pushup_styles table”.
Search the list for the style you did. All the common ones should be present.
That’s it!
You can view a list of the pushups at the pushup_types table.
They are all linked to an example for reference.
Lastly, and very important, set your pushup goal!
That’s it!

Comment below or reach out to @motleydev on Twitter if you have any questions!