Trump Time Capsule

Paying attention to the news about Trump is overwhelming in two ways. First, the events simply pile up fast. He has so much to do, and he is doing it so poorly, that it can be hard to remember what poor decisions he made just days ago. Second, emotionally each drip of news feels traumatic. For example, how will having Sessions as AG (assuming he gets confirmed — he should not) play out for voting rights and civil rights? The enormous negative consequences expand before us. It is heartbreaking.

But I won’t look away. Marianne Williamson says it well:

My project owes its existence to James Fallows. His project chronicling Trump’s campaign was a valuable because it provided a unique frame of reference — what is he doing that we haven’t seen before — and it allowed us to see the magnitude of what was going on as the number of entries piled up.

I thought his project provided valuable perspective during the election and now stands as he intended: a chronicle of what we knew then.

Inspired by him, I am embarking on this project mostly for a personal reason. Regardless of whether anyone else uses this list or whether I revisit this list, I can list the action that I am troubled by, make a comment, and hopefully, move on. Just like keeping a journal helps us make sense of our busy minds, I hope this list will help me make sense of this rapidly changing time and having this person in the White House.

Here is the list:

Please feel free to suggest entries. I keep pretty close tabs on things, but I need all the help I can get.