How Evernote killed its business

For years I was using Evernote as my prime notebook. I loved it, because I could access it with every device - and that’s why million of other users liked it as well, I guess.

Recently Evernote emailed their million of users, that you have to become a pro user, if you want to use Evernote on more than two devices. Also if you want to use Email to notes workflow and other features extentively.

I instantly had a feeling of “this might be the end of our relationship”. Why? Am I so mean, that I would not have to pay for a service I used intensively for years?

How Evernote dropped out in my personal use

Evernote just spoiled the downsides

I think not. There are several services, I am willing to pay for, if the tweak and enhance my workflows and suit my lifestyle. To be honest, I would pay any app, service provider if they are reliable and provide conveniance which means: ease of use. Such as AirBnB and others.

It is a matter if trust and convinience

Evernote is playing in an area where you find a lot of other apps, that offer a workflow in terms of notes, reminders, document management. If you want take notes mostly for organizing your tasks of course there is Wunderlist, which syncs to other devices as well. If you need reminders, of course there is any calendar app and Google and since Windows 10 you have synchronized documents, notes etc. as well on your windows devices. All these apps focus on one issue — to be honest, in my impression Evernote brought up a lot of functionality in the recent past, but it didn’t manage to enhance my workflow. Instead the time for me to just write down a note — and in most times I would dictate them, has risen.

How a slightly change can kick you out

Nevertheless the reminders from Evernote got me to think about what I can do to keep my workflow.

And this got me to the play store. And this is when I rediscovered Google notes — and I loved it from the first minute.

Overview of my Google Notes
  • I have an easy to use overview of my notes which I can easily re-arrange by drag’n drop.
  • I can tag everything with #hashtags my Android keyboard will remember.
  • It is very easy to organize my notes visually by using color and categories.
  • Of course I can send them out to anybody or another app.
  • I can easily invite collaborators as most of my partners have an Google Id.
  • Google Notes suggests reminders for me — it just needs two clicks and the functions are well organized and placed on the corners.

The most important part still is the easy of use. You want to discuss trustability? C’mon why should I trust any other player more? And I really do not have to fear any disclosures with my personal stuff. And the highly confidential business stuff — uh, is sent out by Email.

Of course, the company has to make some shift for their business model as they seem to be in trouble. But focusing on their core process and providing convenient platform funtionalities, instead of trying to make it a one-for-all killer app and charge for multi-usage in times where most of the users have 2+ devices, would have been a smart move.

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