Dirt Bike Suspension Services

Do you need a bike suspension services?

You’re at the right place where a wide range of custom suspension services are tailored to you at an affordable rate. Dirt bike suspension shop has a spectacular custom suspension timing that beats your complains. We strive with an excellent best resource for Husqvarna / KTM suspension tuning and accessories.

The value of your suspension springs determines your lasting journey; you can afford to disregard the performance of your suspension springs. KTM suspension servicing first and foremost evaluates the performance of the spring in case of repair. If it’s totally damaged, we do have different types of shock springs from 1999–2016. Our reliable KTM shock spring works based on a defined mass and suspension model and it ranges from $100–150.

Wish to lower KTM suspension?

An affordable KTM suspension lowering for all shock suspension will enable us to help you disassemble and clean the inside of your bike. We also inspect parts for fitment while installing lower spacers of approximately 1″ or 2″, to lower the seat height. Afterwards, we will reassemble the shock and install high efficiency shock services, as well as reset all factory settings. We do ensure to handle the piston height and re-install the bladders to work well. Also the cleaning of fork by disassembling and wearing of proper fitment with adequate setting of clickers and shortening of the springs (if necessary); all you must get from our custom KTM suspension lowering. Ensure to call us also for Ohlin suspension and receive an unbiased suspension services.

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