A trip to Vietnam is not complete without hopping on a motorbike at least once during the trip. Besides the convenience factor of being able to whizz through traffic easily the experience alone of riding in the hectic cities or stunning countryside is incredible. Renting motorbikes is possible throughout the country and a common practice among foreigners visiting Hanoi, Vietnam. Here is everything you need to know before you rent a automatic scooter in Hanoi.

What do I need to hire a bike from you?

Money, passport for pay and deposit

What do I have to do when I collect…

Welcome to the official homepage of Motorbike Rental Hanoi — a motorbike rental business based in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam.

Motorbike Hanoi has BUILT A BUSINESS that is known and recommended by everyone, travelers and friends in the industry for Motorbike rental and sales.

The team is led by Motorbike Hanoi who has built a sterling reputation because of his expertise and enthusiasm.

Guide Cheap Motorbike Rental In Hanoi

Motorbike Hanoi understands that bikes are more than just a mode of transport, it’s a lifestyle and a custom feeling of enjoyment while in Vietnam. …

Nowadays, the demand for used motorbikes is very cheap, but with the desire to buy cheap motorbike and good quality, the market is growing on countless shops selling second hand motorbikes but not quality. how. Therefore, the following article introduces some old and prestigious Top 5 shops motorbike for sale, buy in Hanoi

1 Cuong Thu Shop Motorbike In Old Quarter

Cuong Thu shop specializes in buying and selling all kinds of new motorcycles. At the shop you will be selected products with diverse models, good quality, new high level, the maintenance policy warranty has created prestige store for many years.


Address: №108, Hang Bong Street, Hoan…

The Top Gear Motorbike Vietnam special was released on 28th December 2008.

This 75-minute BBC special episode is responsible for the boom in the concept of buying motorbikes to travel across Vietnam.

In this article we explore where these guys went, how they traveled by motorbike and how you can travel the same route as the Top Gear Motorbike crew did too.

The first thing to notice is that the Top gear boys did the journey on piles of scrap. However Nguyen Tu Motorbikes rents motorbikes for long distance travelling so you don’t need to fall prey to the tourist…

Life is more and more hectic, people are increasingly hurried with the worries of life, we sometimes do not care about your own safety. Genuine helmets are a way to help you secure your life when it comes to daily traffic. The Hanoi helmet market is becoming more and more active with the participation of many big manufacturers helping consumers have more choices. However, this is also a chance for the poor quality tea mix. Here are the top 6 helmet for Motorbike in Hanoi

1 World Motorbikes Helmet Hanoi

Click Here For Information >>> https://motorbikenguyentu.com/helmets-motorbike-stores-hanoi/

You are in need of a helmet for your…

Cheap motorbike rental in Hanoi with good quality motorbike, many choices and professional service procedures, Motorbike Nguyen Tu is highly rated on the community forums, social networks.

As a rookie in the field of cheap motorbike And Scooters rental in Hanoi, Motorbike Nguyen Tu soon affirmed its position as one that satisfies the needs of the market and professional in each service stage.

Cheap motorbike rental in Hanoi with the best price

Google search to find a motorbike rental, it is not difficult to find the address of renting a cheap motorbike rental in Hanoi with the rent ranging from 120–250,000 VND / day for common vehicles. Rents with…

Are you a tourist to Hanoi and want to rent a motorbike? Have you been on a short business trip and are not actively traveling? Rent a motorbike in Hanoi below will help you choose the motorbike suitable for the cheapest rent. Check all the details on Location map motorbike rental in Hanoi

The Best Place Motorbike Rental In Hanoi

Many people opt for low cost motorbikes. However, the address of the Motorbike rental in Hanoi is cheap — super cheap most of them provide old motorbike, poor quality, lack of prestige … You should not save money by finding a motorbike rental service This is because…

To meet the needs of your walks we provide services of motorbike hire in Hanoi prestige and simple procedures quickly. Each car is maintained and optimized for the customer. We feel strongly about these issues, we do not allow customers to make a substandard choice click here come to Location Shop rental motorbike Hanoi

Updated rental rates for motorbikes in Hanoi 2018

Prices of motorbikes for rent at the Company They are diverse and abundant from large to small, from renting motorbikes to cheap prices depending on your needs. Please refer to our rental rates for motorcycles in Hanoi 2018:

Whether you are looking to rent or buy…

You are working in hanoi you need motorbikes go to work, we specialize in providing motorbike rental Hanoi. Our shop will be your top choice because we feel really strong in this field, we pledge to our customers the following criteria:

Best quality motorbikes rental in old quarter Hanoi

The cheapest motorbike rental in Hanoi

Best shop motorbikes rental old quarter hanoi city


Where to rent motorbike Hanoi

How much rental motorbike in Hanoi

Hanoi motorbike rental service is developing everywhere but it develops in the following districts: Hoan Kiem, Hoang Mai, Dong Da, Long Bien, Hai Ba Trung, Ba Dinh, Tay Ho, Nam Tu…

Are you renting motorbike hanoi? Dont know where to rent a motorbikes? Here is the answer!!! This is a short guide on how to go about Rental motorbike in Hanoi. Keep in mind that things change with time, places or prices listed here were true at the time of writing.

Prices rental motorbike daily, Monthly In Hanoi

If you need a convenient and easy way to move vehicles. Then you should rent a motorbike to run around in the crowded city of Hanoi. We have a variety of scooters ranging from small to large. mainly of yamaha and honda. …

Motorbike Nguyen Tu

Motorbike Nguyen Tu is the leading shop motorbike rental in Hanoi. We offer a complete package for your daily, monthly rental. https://motorbikenguyentu.com

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