Motorcycle Accidents and How To Avoid Them

Motorcycles are considered as very dangerous in the United States and its true to the country. US citizens are more habituated to cars and avoid motorcycles as a mode of transportation. Also, most Motorcycle owners are also the one who love motorcycles and ride on them for long distances. Due to these reasons when a car driver is driving he is more accustomed to search for other cars which are larger and easy to see on the mirror than tiny and not so visible motorcycles. In most accidents, the common reply by car drivers is that they haven’t seen the bike in the mirror.

So, to help the fellow motorcyclists here we have come up with an article that lets you know about the most ways motorcycle accidents occur and how to avoid them.

Vehicles Turning at Intersections:

When a car or truck turning at an intersection they would look if a vehicle is nearby or not, as a usual habit driver looks for large vehicles like other cars. If he doesn’t see any other large vehicle, he presumes no one on the back and slows the car to change the road. What he fails to see is a motorcycle on the back as its very small for the vehicles he is most used to see on the road. So, here is what a motorcyclist should do to avoid such an incident.

How to Avoid:

A simple solution is thinking ahead and taking precautions, one simple one is whenever you are on the road riding check of the exit points and intersection and switch the lanes to as far as possible from the intersection. This way you would not get into the path of any car or truck. Another option is to check for the next intersection either by using your sight or looking into your motorcycle GPS device and slow your vehicle and get yourself ready to tackle if things go south.

Riding over the curves:

Curves on the roads especially on the hilly terrains are one of the most dangerous, many a time the road gets stones, sand or even ice just out of nowhere. Riders should be very cautious while driving such roads and cures.

How to Avoid:

Avoiding these accidents is very easy all you have to do you go slow before the curve and go fast after the curve. This way riders can see as far as possible within their speed limits to control their bikes quickly. Sand, algae and any other slippery substances are risky while driving and it’s difficult to avoid them quickly most of the time. If it’s a straight road not applying brakes and maintain the speed would get you out of the trouble. Same is not applicable to the curves, riders should apply breaks and turn the vehicle to get past the curve. So, you have to always slow down the vehicle before approaching a curve to as controllable as possible and get yourself safely to the house.

Not Maintaining your Motorcycle:

Most of the people in the states use their motorcycles for the daily commute, for this they use their cars. Using your motorcycle occasionally may cause some of the parts not function properly. Brakes could be loose, engine oil could be low, tires may have worn out, headlights may not be working, the battery gets weak, and many more. So let’s see what are the important parts to check after a long gap of riding your motorcycle.

How to Avoid:

It’s very important to use your vehicles at least once a month for a few miles to make sure they don’t get damaged. Some of the reasons your bike could be not functioning properly are, breaks could be loose to make sure they are in proper condition tighten the bolts, and apply lubricants. Check the engine oil status, if the oil is less than your engine gets heated up really quick and continuing it could spoil your engine. So, remove the engine and replace it every 6 to 12 months depending on the usage. Good conditioned tires are very essential for a safe motorcycle ride, plenty of cracks, worn out, or low in the air could cause your vehicle slippery on the wet or sand. Many people forget to check the headlights condition in the day, and if they are not working when you need them in the night then it could be very dangerous.

Finally, here we have listed some of the most common ways a motorcycle could get into accidents and solutions to avoid them. Hope this article had helped fellow motorcyclists if you like the article share it with your friends too.