Speak. Listen. Respect.

I observe it everywhere. At office, at home, at official meetings as well as casual ones with friends. Whenever there are 2 people talking or a one-to-many conversation happening, and there is a call/text/notification that the “speaker” receives, more often than not the call/text/notification is acknowledged.

Simply put, most of the times such conversations are interrupted because of the speaker excusing him/herself to take the call or message.

In hindsight, there is nothing wrong with it since there are times when such interruptions are important and have to be taken. Then again, I am sure quite a few such interruptions are not.

I, for one, have always and would always prefer getting done with the conversation which is already taking place and then taking a moment out to call-back whoever was trying to reach out to me.

Same for texts and notifications; I see so many people abruptly checking their phones as soon as there is a buzz, conveniently pausing or ignoring whatever was being discussed.

No, I am not talking about table etiquettes. I believe that when you are speaking to a person, you should dedicate your entire attention and interest to the person. You may be the one speaking, or the one listening; but the best you can do at such times is be there with that person with dedication. It goes on to make a lot of difference.

Like I said, there is nothing wrong in excusing yourself and taking calls but if you can avoid such interruptions, nothing like it.

Of course, I am an exception since I am a greying wizard from the 1970’s and not too much of a “phone-call” person, but what about you?

Respecting the listener is as important as respecting the speaker. Your thoughts?

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