Why, “yes” this tree is worth hugging. This tree produces a “genuine Antigua coffee bean”.

A few weeks ago, I led another team of high school students on a service trip to San Benito Petén in Guatemala. At the end of our trip we spend two days in “rest and reflection”. We spend one of those reflection days in the beautiful colonial town of Antigua. Every year I come back to Antigua with a different theme to help me maximize my time in in a city surrounded by volcanoes and incredible food. In 2012, I toured the town taking pictures of the incredible doors of the town. This year I wanted decided to tour the top rated coffee shops in the town, rankings courtesy of Trip Advisor. One of those stops included the Filadelphia Coffee Plantation where I learned more about coffee in the first 5 minutes of being on the plantation than I have ever known about coffee. Stay tuned for the full video of my journey!

Little did I know on the first trip to Antigua; it is an destination for motorcyclists. I ran into these MV Agusta riders on the cobble stone roads who rode all the way from El Salvador to eat at a breakfast cafe known for their breakfast and amazing coffee.

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