Why Normal is Not Normal


It’s easy to feel crushed when times are difficult. 
When the world seems dark and confusing, when chaos reigns and trouble looms on the horizon, we know what to do. We react, we respond, we strengthen each other and decry oppression.

But what about when things are well? When we feel safe and secure — life seems good and everything is normal?

We recently marked the 23rd yahrtzeit, the anniversary of passing, of the Rebbe.
In the final discourse the Rebbe edited and distributed, he discussed a different reaction to the “normal,” to the okayness of our regular existence.

It is imperative for each and every one of us not to “normalize” the normal. The world, at its core and source, is a place of divine revelation and infinite goodness. That the world around us can look “normal” is itself something that needs to be addressed. Even when we have it good — physically and even spiritually — we can not remain complacent. So long as we have not brought the world to express its raison d’être, not tapped into the unique potential we possess to change the world permanently for the better, then the world is still incomplete. That lack of completion, that lack of revelation of goodness and G-dliness in the world, needs to shake us up. It needs to bother us and make us call out.

We can’t normalize the normal.

We need to reveal the ultimate good. The mission has been tasked to us, and we — you and me as individuals and as a collective — have the power to do it.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s turn the normal upside down.

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