Tesla/SolarCity launches the solar roof.

Why the solar roof and what makes it different from other existing solar technologies which are currently in the market. Before an answer is provided to that, first a brief revisit of history might be appropriate.

One of the major arguments against the installation of solar panels on roofs is that many people consider them quite ugly and unappealing as an array on the roofs.

Few months ago however, there were rumours that Tesla, (The largest producers of all electric cars in the USA) will be acquiring SolarCity, (The largest installer of residential photovoltaic solar energy in the USA). Although, they are already perceived as sister companies because SolarCity was started by brothers Lyndon and Peter Rive who happens to be cousins with Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Elon also helped start the company.

Apart from the family ties, Elon owns about 22% of Solar city stock as at August 2016. Also, there is already an existing business relationship where the panels installed by solar city are sometimes integrated into a battery (energy storage) component called powerwall. The powerwall is a product of Tesla.

Elon sees a bigger picture from here, he proposes that merging Tesla and SolarCity will make the integration of energy generation which is a SolarCity expertise and energy storage which is a Tesla expertise smoother. This merger is expected to drive a seamless transition into sustainable energy generation and consumption lifestyle while combating climate change in the process.

Would’t it be boring to just have a merger without some improvement in the products? Though the merger is yet to be completed, Tesla and SolarCity already developed the solar roof.

As the name implies, it is simply roof tiles, made of glass but equipped with the ability to generate electricity. We all know Elon is a man with an appeal for design and aesthetics while keeping functionality in check. Remember what I mentioned earlier about people considering solar panels ugly? Well, Elon just came to the rescue by providing four different designs of solar roof types each with it’s own unique design peculiarities. What Tesla has achieved is integrating the cost of roofing your house and generating your own electricity into one, which when compared is averagely cheaper than separating the cost.

Tesla must be so proud of this new product they called it power from above, beauty on the street. The tiles are available in Tuscan, slate, smooth and textured glass version.

The Tuscan glass tile
The textured glass tile
The smooth glass tile
The slate glass tile

In addition to the solar roof, Tesla also launched the Powerwall 2, which has twice the capacity of the power wall 1. For ease of understanding, the Powerwall 2 can power a four bedroom American home for a whole day.

This is what we refer to as merger goals.