CLA 1005–003 Medium Post 1

For my Digital Story, I am choosing option two within the first option of College, Self & Community. I am choosing this option because I feel that as a first-year student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, I am still lost about my identity, values, and whatnot; I hope that through this option, I will be able to find myself and learn more about things that I did not know about myself before. Some initial questions that I have are:

  • How was my experience as a Hmong first-generation student different from those of similar background, or even my own family members who had attended the University of Minnesota Twin Cities? What did they do that they were able to learn more about themselves?

For this project, I would like to gather information by asking first-year students, and even upperclassmen that I am close with, about their experiences and how it has evolved them into the person they are today. Also, I will post a few times a week about random things that I have encountered, images that I enjoyed seeing, videos that I enjoyed watching, and so on.

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