Just Go With It

The digital story option I chose to focus on is option 2 for non-service learning. I would be doing an auto-ethnography; an auto-ethnography is the study of myself that explores my personal interest or reflection. I decided to choose this option because as much as I want to do option one, I can’t guarantee I will be engage on campus. I currently work and have school so, I’m not sure if I will have the time to join groups. Option 1 does seem more fun but it’s something I’m not sure of yet because it’s only been the third week of school. The only club that I reached out to and they reached back out to me is HMSA (Hmong Minnesota Student Association). To gather information for the digital story, I would have to observe and ask my other non-Hmong friends about their daily live as well. Another thing I can do is to keep a journal and write in it. Some research questions I can relate to auto-ethnography would be, how my experience of a Hmong woman in college compare to a Hmong man in college? How my experience as a Hmong student compare to other ethnicity students in college? How my experience as a first generation college student compare to second generations college student?

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