The making of Bahubali

Prabhas in Bahubali 2

Finally, the movie buffs have a reason to rejoice. The long wait is over and Bahubali 2 is now live in the theatres near you. The former part kept a question for the viewers; “Why did Katappa kill Bahubali”? Now, we all have an answer to this question. Though critics have not taken this success in a positive way and they are probing into the finer things, being a viewer I would say it was a good watch.

How did Prabhas make it?

The superstar of Telegu film industry, Prabhas played the lead role in Bahubali. This Tollywood hero really had to endure a lot to gain the well-chiselled six-pack abs. How was the journey? This 6 ft 2 inches tall man had a lean body and weighed just 85kgs once. In order to get apt for the epic drama, he had put on 20 kgs and reached the weight of 105 kgs. He had to put on an additional 30 kgs to portray Amrendra Bahubali’s character in the sequel.

What all did he do?

Patience and perseverance can even make a man move mountains. Prabhas underwent a huge transformation just to bring the character Bahubali to life. To play this iconic character he spent a year in pre-production and started shaping his body, eight months before the production began. Meanwhile, he did not sign any movie, not even a commercial for the entire period he was a part of the project, Bahubali.

How did he build up those bulging Bahus?

Prabhas has an intriguing gym set-up in his garden. He loves working out in an open space as that allows him to take in the fresh air, which he feels is a much better option than inhaling the air of the artificially cooled gym. The toughest part was that he had to bulk up and get more muscular and not just put on fat. Laxman Reddy, an Indian bodybuilder from Hyderabad trained Prabhas. Reddy won the 2010 Mr. World Championship.

What happened last summer?

The story began last summer when Prabhas went to the US and interacted with the wrestlers of WWF to get a hang of things. He spent a few days by watching their workout sessions and that really helped him a lot. Prabhas was so impressed with the infrastructure there that he bought similar gym apparatus for his own use at 1.5 crores.

He primarily trained himself with compound movements like deadlifts, squats and bench presses. These help you to put on mass in a shorter time. He worked out for six hours daily and did one and a half hours of cardioevery day.

Bahubali’s Diet

He started his day with 40–45 egg whites to build up muscles faster. Egg whites were half boiled and blended with protein powder. Along with eggs, he also consumed 500 gms of chicken in a day. Apart from that, he had nuts, almonds, fishes and vegetables like broccoli and spinach. This man was on a zero carbs diet. He is strictly against steroids and whatever we saw on screen was entirely due to the earnest efforts he had put in to get a body like ‘Hulk’. He had 10 to 12 glasses of water every day to keep his body hydrated.

Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight

Even if you adopt Prabhas’ diet and training regime you will not be able to build a physique like him. As everyone’s body is different, it reacts differently to nutrition and resistance training. It is better to get a coach and follow a routine that is suitable for you.

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