Life in a NUTSHELL!

So bound…
We live within the walls we built,
With our own notion..
Right or wrong we decide
Then let loose the emotion!

How do we scrutinize?
Is it from the occurrence in life?
& it’s magnitude’s size?
If it made you smile?
Or cry for a while?

No wonder we all are so different.
One who agrees with our rule
Becomes a friend !
Else, of course an enemy or a passerby not to blend!

You build this world remember?!
Smile and share a little more, for you are a member…
Generations to come, look up to the elder
Ask them to decide their RIGHT, please don’t make them surrender!!

Just look around
Stop thinking for a bit
Just see how things look
The way they really are!
That’s how you find bliss in every nook and every hour!