Peer-Peer Parking App

In Spring 2017, I enrolled in Enterprise Mobile Application Development course. This is one of the best courses offered by College of Business at SFSU. And with completion of this course, I would even receive SAP Recognition Award for having completed all 3 SAP integrated courses at SFSU. The other 2 were Business Intelligence and Business Process Management. More information can be found here

As part of the course, we had to develop a mobile app and present it during Mobile Appathon Challenge 2017.

We, a team of 4, developed a Peer-Peer parking app to solve the parking crisis at SFSU main campus. Students frustrated with the lack of general space are forced to park in the school garage, which charges students upwards of $7 to park. Throughout this project, the team adopted the design thinking methodology to assist with solving the parking issues faced and to develop a solution. This flexible and collaborative approach helped us think differently about the business model, address the pain points, explore the unknown and innovate.

Our final app won the Innovation Creativity Award. More info here

(From L to R)Helena Chong, Amir Shamim, Thao Le, Mounica Vennamaneni,
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