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Angel Investing didn’t buy me a Mclaren. I prefer riding my bike anyway.

Ihave been working in Start-ups since 2014. My last job was Country Manager for the german-speaking markets at Trainline, a company that eventually IPO’d for 2B€ on the London Stock Exchange in 2019.

I always wanted to participate even more in the ecosystem by investing in promising early-stage startups. Become an Angel Investor. Even though I didn’t know what it meant back then, the term had this magic aura to me. In 2018, I finally decided to jump ship.

Fast forward to 2020, I saw hundreds of pitch decks, did some good deals, and some less good ones. …

A veteran Country Manager’s comprehensive handbook.

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Nevermind the American flags at Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, you are now entering the German market!

“What do I need to know in order to launch my start-up in Germany?”, “Do I need to open an office in Berlin?”, “Should I hire a country manager?”. I have been asked all these questions and many more countless times by entrepreneurs. With a population 80-million strong, the largest GDP of the Eurozone and a thriving network of blue chips, SMEs and tech companies, Germany is certainly the most attractive market in the EU. However, for many foreign start-ups, entering the market has been proven to be notoriously difficult.

As Country Manager Germany, Switzerland, and Austria at Trainline, Europe’s leading independent app for rail & bus, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand what it takes to start from scratch and successfully grow sales into the millions in Germany. …


Mounir Laggoune

Working on a Startup in Stealth Mode. Previously at Trainline (IPO’ed), Captain Train (Acquired), Yoopies (Raised 5M€). More on

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