Instag-RAMPAGE: the War on Automation

“Nice 👌”

“I like this 😘”

“This is good. Have you seen my profile?”

“Nice 👌”

“Nice 😍😍”


“Nice 👌”

There’s an army of spambots on Instagram right now, and it’s more than just annoying—it’s a huge problem for Instagram’s bottom line. That’s probably why they’re once again cracking down on the automation services that have for years been taking advantage of the Instagram API and ignoring Instagram TOS (see number 15)

The social media marketing community was shocked to see well-established Instagress close up shop at the “request” of Instagram three weeks ago.

Today MassPlanner, PeerBoost, Instaplus, and FanHarvest all joined them in the same sinking boat. With so many automation tools left to choose from, it’s a wonder why they’re still allowed to run (or who will be next).

Really though, this is a good thing for everyone—even marketers.

The only reason any marketer (or any person) should value a social media metric is because it measures the level of interest in a particular page or piece of content. Engagement is the shadow of something valuable, not the thing itself.

A spreadsheet free from rogue social media robots is one that will better inform your decision making, help you hone in on delivering your best content, and in the end—make you a better marketer. Isn’t that what you’re really after?

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