Something about this blog.

I am not very good at writing, and, as a normal Taiwanese, I am also not very good in English. However, approaching to my thirty, as an academic researcher, I think that it is time to get used in writing something clearly in English.

There is an old saying, “practice makes perfect”. well, I hope it’s true. No matter what, I have decided to start running my own blog. However, I do not know what is the best way to run a blog and what is the best platform. For example, as a Latex user, I really hope to write every article via the language, but could not find a blog website supporting this feature. Since I want to learn publishing thoughts in public, local latex files clearly does not match my needs.

Another question is that why would I want to publish my thoughts in public? Well, I do not expect any follower, I just want to learn this thing. I do not know why, maybe I will find out the answer someday.