My Experience so far — Andela Boot camp

It’s only day two and I have started dreaming in codes...I guess the output was waking up.So yesterday I had to master how to use the pivotal tracker and use github. Github gave me a lot of problems but am getting the gist of it and it feels so good. Well, I slept while trying to move on to the next step which involves study and more study. The deadline looming over my head…

Our challenge today is on Object Oriented Programming.I had to start by setting up flask. Initially i used to dread working from the command line…I used to say that it’s a tool for nerds. Well it seems I have joined the nerd league. I am getting a hang of the commands though it’s an uphill task. Fortunately I have a supportive team and project facilitator.So I managed to do the necessary installations like pylint and unit testing libraries and also integrated Travis CI. I know more is yet to come and am geared up with m y sword and armour.

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